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In the past couple of years, Dayton, Ohio has been ranked number one in the country for drug overdoses. Today Dayton ranks eighth on the list of the top ten cities with the highest poverty rates. The problem is especially evident in our immediate neighborhood. The zip codes of 45403 and 45404 have the highest incidents of drug-related overdoses and deaths in our area. Recovery Café Dayton is located within the 45404 zip code. It is shocking to see how this opioid epidemic is destroying the precious lives across the country and particularly in this region. In this context Recovery Café Dayton provides non- residential peer support after incarceration, treatment, and mental illness challenges. Recovery Café Dayton employs a membership model with peer-to-peer circle groups. These circle groups address emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. East Dayton is an impoverished area with many living with limited incomes, limited resources, no transportation and no opportunity for healthy social connections. Our primary area served includes the zip codes of 45403, 45404, 45410 and part of 45431 including the targeted northeast Dayton area running north of State Route 35, south of the Great Miami River, west of Woodman Drive and east of Keowee Street. The poverty rates for the targeted zip codes are 40.6% for 45403, 36.2% for 45404, 36.2% for 45410 and 11.2% for 45431.

          Recovery Café Dayton assists members in need in order to secure and maintain housing, employment, dealing with mental health challenge, homelessness, and addiction due to their resiliency to want better lives for themselves. Recovery Café Dayton since its beginning from Feb 26, 2018 has served more than 600 meals and has a total of 42 members. Recovery Café Dayton also provides a drug and alcohol-free/safe space that promotes membership for individuals who have been clean for at least 24 hours. They need to commit to 1 hour per week of participation in peer to peer circle groups and engage in service to the program. Being part of the National Recovery Café Network provides holistic, person-centered system of care backed by evidence from the founder Killian Noe based out of Seattle, Washington, has shown evidence that individuals who practice the Recovery Café model are empowered. Many lives have been transformed and new and healthy lifestyles obtained and maintained. This spiritual-based model assists with aftercare, sober living, peer to peer circles groups, and relapse prevention through a well-structured membership model. Recovery Café Dayton has partnered with Goodwill Easter Seals in providing them to be certified through Ohio State. Our peer support leaders are then ready to lead and support the members of the Recovery Café Dayton. Our goals are for the members to grow as certified peer support specialists and to work in our community as support circle leaders in our program. Make employment opportunities with these newly certified peer support specialists within the Miami Valley area to operate as a model that can be replicated to seed other Recovery Café programs in our region i.e. Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

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